Stop living in a the same-old schedule, and start waking up when you feel like it.

You know this lifestyle is possible, so why does it seem out of reach?

It comes down to dealing with the dark corners of the mind.  The areas that cast shadows where our inner demons hide.

Where do these inner demons come from? -- They grow from mind viruses.

Mind viruses are planted into our subconscious by society

"Don't do that."

"You're crazy."

"Why would you want to do that?!"

We've all met Complainers who scoff at new ideas

People who have the TV on in the background while getting sucked into browsing Facebook on their phone for hours.

Some people haven't found a way out of the downward spiral.

Kicking their numbing habit and investing in themselves is a scary idea.  It's outside their comfort zone.

It's comfortable to work the 9-5  

To go for beers with the same friends.  At the same bars.

Every weekend.  Every month.  Every year.

Complainers don't want to stretch themselves, but there are people who do want to.

Wantrepreneurs are informed, but delusioned

Information sponges. Talkers.

But not doers.

They think that reading more blog posts will get them to the promised land.

Wantrepreneurs don't realize that knowledge without execution is wasted energy

After living in Chiang Mai, Thailand -- the Digital Nomad Capital of the World, I've met my fair share of wantrepreneurs.

People who run from one meetup event to the next -- not getting things done.

The Wantrepreneur doesn't realize he's running away from doing the work

He doesn't understand that everything he has is inside his comfort zone.

Everything he wants is outside his comfort zone.

Instead of taking action on things that matter, he avoids it.

What's the one inner demon that even Finishers face?

7 out of 10 humans face the fear of 'being exposed as a fraud'.

2 out of 5 successful people consistently battle this feeling.

Even Tom Hanks himself has experienced it -- It's called Imposter Syndrome.

I even created a course on this, because it's just so important to beat.

What if you had someone by your side to encourage you through the psychological roadblocks?

A person to hold you accountable for finishing what you start.

A coach to help you navigate the endless sea of information.

A mentor who's taken the same journey and been through the hard times.

A person who wasn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Introducing the Boom Shikha Mentorship Program

Dissolve your inner fears and share your passion with the world.

Start an online business and create your first online course.

Turn your dream life into a reality.

What makes the Boom Shikha Mentorship Program different?

I use my trained intuition to guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of a living your dream creative life.

It's not a one-size-fits-all online course.  You get a custom-tailored support that fits you.  Shaped to your psychology, your values, your vision.

I'm here to guide you around the pitfalls and manage your feelings.

How can Boom Shikha help you create an online course?

I've already created 5 online courses on Udemy.

Published 4 Books on Amazon:

  1. 5 Mental Blocks to the Digital Nomad Lifestyle
  2. Effortless Effort: Surrender, Let Go, and Let the Universe Guide You Instead of Resisting
  3. The Untouchables, and
  4. 5 Steps to Finding a Niche for Your Online Business: Build a Passion-Based Business in Five Easy-to-follow Steps

All that while writing thousands of words a day, shooting daily videos for my Facebook Group, and meeting up with friends.

Don't worry. I don't expect a similar level of output from you.  

Before taking giant leaps, we start with baby steps.

Look inside the Boom Shikha Mentorship Program

You'll get:

  • 3 months of 1-on-1 Mentorship
  • 12 weekly coaching calls.  Each call is 1 hour long, held over the internet
  • We'll have a conversation, and at the end you'll receive worksheets and customized action steps

Each month is modularized as follows: 

Month #1 - Handle Your Inner Demons and Form a Top Performer's Mindset

  • Tap into my EQ and know your self better than if you recited your life history
  • Shine a light on the dark corners of your mind with calibrated questions
  • Install 'Thought Patterns' of successful people with tailored exercises:
    • Evaporate all inner resistance of asking people for money
    • Step from the zone of 'spending less' and into 'Earning More'
    • Stop feeling like a fraud and cure Imposter Syndrome

After your inner self is shaped, the foundation is set.

Month #2 - Discover your Ideal Life

  • Why you need to find out what you have and everything that's missing
  • How to get where you want to be
  • The Step-by-Step Roadmap to make it happen

Month #3 - Take Action and Step into Your New Life

  • Start creating your 1st video course -- and generating passive income
  • Cultivate self-sustaining habits for living and growing on own


  • Receive my private, 'Clients Only' email address where I'll receive an instant notification
  • 1 month of additional support via email
  • 1 emergency call for 'The Dip' that happens during every transformation

Is the Boom Shikha Mentorship Program right for you?

It's NOT for you if:

  • The idea of trying meditation seems ridiculous.  You don't want to stretch your comfort zone.
  • You'd rather scroll through Instagram or play video games.  You're not ready to put in creative effort.
  • Your mind is focused on a major life event, such as marriage, child birth, etc.
  • You don't want to talk about yourself and explore your inner psychology.
  • You believe another blog post or YouTube video might give you the magic bullet.  Sleazy, overnight millionaires, please leave.

The Boom Shikha Mentorship Program is RIGHT for you if:

  • You know you're a novice. Yet you understand the value of having an experienced mentor leading you past the common pitfalls.
  • You know it's in your best interest to listen with 100% focus and attention.
  • You're open to suggestions and trying different methods.
  • You take questions and answer to the best of your ability.
  • You're ready to put in the time.  To take the action steps.  To put in the hours to build a foundation for your new life.  You're willing to do the work for 3 months.
  • You're ready to create an amazing life, feeling that all possibilities are possible.  That you can have whatever you want.  You're limitless.
  • You're motivated, excited to change, and know it's the right time for the next step.

How can you get into the Boom Shikha Mentorship Program?

Right now, I'm taking on exactly 1 client.  That's right -- only 1 seat available.

This isn't a false scarcity trick to take your money.

I'm not looking for the 1st applicant -- I'm looking for the right client.

I'm looking for a client where we bounce ideas off each other.

Where we complete each other's sentences.

To the point where we're in a synergistic flow state.  Where we're both operating at peak performance.

If that's what you want...

Don't let another opportunity pass you by.  Apply now:

Fill out the form below.  If I think we're a good fit, I'll contact you for a brief introductory call.

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My name's Boom Shikha, What's your name?
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“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.”
— Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello