Years ago, did you dream about waking up to a screaming alarm clock, slapping the snooze button, and rushing out the door to an uninspiring job?

Only to arrive at the workplace with 'behind-the-times' coworkers that ignore your new ideas and who brown-nose your rigid boss.

What if life were different?

Imagine a Monday morning.  You wake up to sunlight streaming through your window. You reach for your phone.  It shows 9:47am.  You see 3 unread notifications:
- a Facebook post of an old high school friend, complaining about their boss,
- a message from a conscious friend inviting you to lunch, and
- 1 new payment... all while you were sleeping.

You know this lifestyle is possible, so why does it seem out of reach?

We all know we're capable of so much more, but we are trapped in short, narrow cages.  These tight spaces suffocate and suck the life force out of us.

I was plucked out of one of the tightest cages you could imagine.

Hi, I'm Boom Shikha.


I was born in India.  In a social structured caste system worse than medieval times

My family was stuck in the lowest of lows -- a class called The Untouchables.

The only reason I'm not living in a dirty slum, taking care of 5 starving children with another screaming baby on the way... is because of my father.

He became an engineer and paved the way, providing an escape route.

I was given this opportunity.  An opportunity that so many others will never receive.  I have a responsibility to live up to my potential, and beyond what I currently see.

My parents wanted me to become a doctor

They wanted me to live a "modern", safe, and traditional life.

But I failed to get into medical school three times.

Like most in my generation, I graduated university and got a decent-paying job. 

One day, something changed, and I quit my job

I'm no longer slaving away at a soul-sucking, energy-leaching workplace. 

Instead I chose a different path.

I chose to be a digital entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I've taken back my power.  

I've taken back my time, energy, and creativity.

I've made my dream life a reality.

You can make your dream life a reality

Don't waste another day.  

Don't let another opportunity pass you by.  

Take the next step now.

Yes, I want to live my creative dream life right now.